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2008年8月 5日 (火)


(Mainichi Japan) August 4, 2008

Consultancy officials arrested over bribery in Vietnam development aid project

ベトナムODA:PCI前社長ら4人逮捕 見返り9千万円

A former president of major consultancy firm Pacific Consultants International and three other workers were arrested Monday on suspicion of offering about 90 million yen in bribes to a Ho Chi Minh City official in return for securing a contract for development aid construction work, prosecutors said.

The four, including 62-year-old former company president Masayoshi Taga, were arrested on suspicion of violating the Unfair Competition Prevention Law.

It is the second time for a case to be formed in Japan over bribes to a foreign civil servant, after public prosecutors summarily indicted a worker at a company in Fukuoka last year for giving a set of golf clubs to a high-ranking Philippines government official when the official was invited to Japan.

Arrested along with Taga were former road technology division manager Haruo Sakashita, 62, former Hanoi office head Tsuneo Sakano 58, and former managing director Kunio Takasu, 65.

Investigators said that in 2001, the four met with an executive from the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee -- the equivalent of a municipal government office in Japan -- with the aim of securing a contract for the Saigon east-west highway construction project involving road and tunnel construction. The four allegedly agreed to give the official about 10 percent of the amount of the contract in return for securing the project work.

Pacific Consultants International secured the contract for about 3 billion yen in fiscal 2001 and 2003, and gave the official about 300 million yen, sources close to the project said.

Public prosecutors formed a case over a total of 820,000 dollars (about 90 million yen) that the suspects allegedly supplied in December 2003 and August 2006. The statute of limitations for bribing foreign civil servants was three years up until November 2005, when the Unfair Competition Prevention Law was revised to make the period five years. However, some of the suspects spent a long time overseas, and since the statute of limitations was suspended during that time, officials decided that it was possible to form a case over the alleged bribes in 2003.

Words and Phrases:

consultancy firm=建設コンサルタント会社


on suspicion of offering=~を贈った疑いで


in return for=~の見返りに

development aid construction work=開発協力建設事業,  


the Unfair Competition Prevention Law=不正競争防止法

foreign civil servant=外国の役人


the equivalent of=~と同等の

with the aim of=~しようと狙って、~が目的で

in return for=~の見返りに、~することを条件に


formed a case over=~の件で起訴する

The statute of limitations for bribing foreign civil servants=外国の高官に対する贈収賄に対する主訴期限法

the Unfair Competition Prevention Law=不正競争防止法

was possible to form a case over=~で起訴することは可能である、~で起訴することができる

ベトナムODA:PCI前社長ら4人逮捕 見返り9千万円









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