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2008年8月14日 (木)


(Aug. 14, 2008) The Yomiuri Shimbun

Japan must press DPRK in abductee probe

日朝協議合意 徹底した拉致再調査を迫れ(814日付・読売社説)

The government must now press North Korea hard to conduct a thorough investigation into Japanese abductees so that they can return home as soon as possible and so that the truth about them can be learned.


During working-level talks held in Shenyang, China, the Japanese and North Korean governments agreed that Pyongyang would soon set up a committee for reinvestigating the abductions and complete the probe by autumn.


Japan, for its part, said it would lift restrictions on people visiting between the two nations and allow chartered flights linking the nations in return for North Korea's setting up of the committee.


We wonder if the reinvestigation to be conducted by North Korea will result in what Japan seeks--the finding and return of the abductees alive. Japan must thoroughly monitor actions that North Korea takes on this.



Monitor progress closely


Past probes by North Korea were insincere. They merely offered death reports on the abductees, which were full of contradictions, and ashes that were hard to confirm as those of the abductees. North Korea needs to reconduct investigations from scratch and try to confirm the fate of all Japanese abducted by North Korean agents.


Japan must not allow North Korea to stall by conducting only dubious investigations. It is important to have the committee authorized by North Korean leaders be accountable regarding the reinvestigation and produce results by autumn.



It also is important that Japan monitor the reinvstigation's progress.


In line with an agreement made with North Korea, the Japanese government should require Pyongyang to make probe reports whenever needed and rigorously press North Korea whenever the credibility of an investigation is questionable.


First and foremost, the government must get Pyongyang to submit a fresh report on the fate of all the abductees by autumn. The government then needs to carefully verify these probe results by interviewing concerned people in North Korea and by other means.


First and foremost=まっさきに、何よりも先に


No carrots before sticks


On lifting economic sanctions as agreed in the previous formal talks of the two nations in June, the government said it would make a decision regarding the entry of North Korea-registered ships, including the passenger-cargo ship Man Gyong Bong-92, for loading humanitarian aid after carefully examining the results of the reinvestigation.


Economic sanctions are meant to serve as pressure to push North Korea into action. If the reinvestigation is not conducted in a convincing way, Japan should not give any reward to North Korea.


North Korea also should cooperate as promptly as possible regarding Japan's demand to hand over Japanese hijackers who seized Japan Airlines' airliner "Yodo" in 1970 and went to North Korea.


Pyongyang agreed with Tokyo's demand for holding bilateral talks apparently because the process of North Korea being removed from the U.S. list of terrorism-sponsoring states did not go as Pyongyang wanted. Japan must not be used for the sake of North Korean tactics. The Japanese government should strengthen multilateral cooperation and keep pressuring North Korea.


Just like the verification of North Korea's declaration of its nuclear programs, it is essential to urge North Korea to take steps to produce substantial results in the reinvestigation of the abductees as well.


(From The Yomiuri Shimbun, Aug. 14, 2008)

20088140211  読売新聞)


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