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2008年11月24日 (月)

元厚生次官襲撃 出頭男の動機が見えない

The Yomiuri Shimbun (Nov. 24, 2008)

Whole story of murders remains unknown

元厚生次官襲撃 出頭男の動機が見えない(1124日付・読売社説)

Takeshi Koizumi, a 46-year-old unemployed man, showed up at the Metropolitan Police Headquarters in central Tokyo on Saturday and said he had killed a former top bureaucrat, referring to knife attacks in which two former vice administrative ministers of the former Health and Welfare Ministry were sequentially targeted.


Although the MPD arrested him on suspicion of violating the Firearms and Swords Control Law as Koizumi was in possession of several knives, there are many inexplicable elements in the case. If he is the guilty party, how and why he committed the crimes must be thoroughly ascertained.


The nation was shocked by the murder of Takehiko Yamaguchi, former health and welfare administrative vice minister, and his wife Michiko in their home in Saitama, and by the attack the following day on Yasuko Yoshihara, the wife of Kenji Yoshihara, another former vice minister in Nakano Ward, Tokyo.


Police said Koizumi admitted to committing the two attacks. He was quoted by police as saying that he was angry because a local public health center had once taken and killed his pet.



Confession doesn't fit crime

However, such an explanation does not fit with the commission of such daring crimes as attacking former top bureaucrats in their homes.


Yamaguchi and Yoshihara both served in the ministry at some point as chief of the pension bureau that devises policies on pensions. Since the administration of both welfare and labor affairs have been criticized, including flaws in the pension system, some people regarded the murders as violent acts against public officials by someone with a grudge against the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry. We wonder what the truth is.


Yamaguchi and Yoshihara retired from their posts as pension bureau chief in the 1990s. Why did the assassin target two people who are no longer in active service?


Koizumi was born and raised in Yamaguchi Prefecture, and his family said that he came to Tokyo after dropping out of university and working at a computer firm and a parcel delivery service company.


Such job experiences show no signs of contact with the two former vice ministers nor any political background.


From the number and severity of the wounds on the victims, police investigators consider that their assailant had extremely strong murderous intent. We wonder where such a distorted sentiment came from.



Did suspect act alone?

Did Koizumi craft the methods employed in the murders--researching the home addresses of the two former top bureaucrats and disguising himself as a delivery service company employee--by himself or, was there someone who masterminded the attacks? It is also unclear why the man decided to appear at the MPD. Clarifying such elements should be the focus of the investigation.


After the attacks, police officers were assigned to guard social insurance offices across the nation as well as the homes of the ministry's former top bureaucrats. There have also been adverse effects on the business operations of parcel delivery companies, as their staff are viewed with suspicion.


Social anxiety over whether similar incident may occur will not easily disappear.


There have been messages posted on the Internet defending the crimes. Some observers point out that a sense of frustration may have incited someone to commit such a crime.


The taking of another person's life is never justified, no matter what the circumstances. It is vital for society as a whole to show a resolute attitude against such crimes.


(From The Yomiuri Shimbun, Nov. 24, 2008)

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