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2009年7月20日 (月)

香山リカのココロの万華鏡:疑問や不満ためずに吐露 /東京

(Mainichi Japan) July 19, 2009
Kaleidoscope of the heart: When feeling down, don't be afraid to talk to others
香山リカのココロの万華鏡:疑問や不満ためずに吐露 /東京

A spate of terrifying killings by different generations has recently shocked the nation, such as a case in which a high school boy fatally stabbed a classmate, a deadly arson attack by a 41-year-old man, and cases in which a 13-year-old boy and 20-year-old man killed their fathers. The victims in these cases also range from the criminals' families and friends to strangers.

If someone asks me what trends are shared among these recent murderous rampages, all I can say is that they are random. The only thing that is common among them is that the perpetrators and suspects are always referred to as being "serious-minded" or "quiet" by their acquaintances. They are rarely described as "violent troublemakers."

However, those who ended up committing these terrifying crimes must have been suffering from pent-up emotions inside them, like dissatisfaction, rancor and anger. Many people must wonder if there were not better ways for the criminals to release such emotions.

At the clinic I work for, I often think similar things regarding my patients. Many of them struggle to gradually release their negative feelings -- such as doubts, frustrations and pains -- and then their extremely pent-up emotions suddenly explode or the patient faints. Yet, at least they managed to see a psychiatrist. Just imagine what would have happened to the patients if they hadn't had a counselor they could consult with about their emotional pains and had continued to hold back their feelings.

Some people say they have places to get together with their friends, like their school or local groups, but they don't share their inner thoughts with each other. As a result of worrying about spoiling the mood by bringing up heavy stories or being regarded as a "pathetic person" by exposing their weaknesses, they end up having only neutral conversations.

For such people, the Internet -- where users can be anonymous -- is the only place where they can pour out their heart without caring about what others think of them. However, there is a limit to how far faceless people can go in sympathizing with and consoling them. In fact, sometimes they can get hurt even deeper from heartless words.

Everyone occasionally gets stuck in dead-end situations due to anxiety or impatience, or has problems in their relationships with people around them. When feeling down, people need someone to talk with or somewhere to go, instead of repressing their feelings. It is probably not that easy to find these people, but it is not like they have left society. There are actually lots of adults who are out there waiting to listen.

Let's talk. Just give it a try. I want everyone to think about this simple thing again to help solve their problems. (By Rika Kayama, psychiatrist)

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