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2013年3月10日 (日)

北朝鮮制裁決議 中国が履行せねば効果はない

The Yomiuri Shimbun (Mar. 10, 2013)
China's implementation is key for N. Korea sanctions
北朝鮮制裁決議 中国が履行せねば効果はない(3月9日付・読売社説)

New U.N. sanctions against North Korea are intended to increase international pressure on Pyongyang to shut down its nuclear weapons programs.

In a unanimous vote, the U.N. Security Council on Thursday passed a resolution to impose additional, tougher economic sanctions on North Korea in response to its nuclear test last month, the third it has conducted.

The resolution called for substantially stricter restrictions and surveillance on movements of money, goods and people related to North Korea's nuclear and missile development programs. While past resolutions merely asked member states to implement major sanction measures, the latest resolution obliges them to do so.

The past three resolutions against North Korea adopted by the U.N. Security Council have proved ineffective and failed to stop the country's nuclear and missile buildup. Apparently drawing a lesson from its failure, the United Nations has sent a more powerful message from the international community to North Korea this time. We approve.


New steps expand ban

To stop flows of money, U.N. member states are required to freeze financial transactions and services with North Korea as well as transfers of bulk cash to the country.

The latest resolution also calls on member states to inspect North Korea-related cargo suspected of containing banned items and deny entry to vessels that refuse to be inspected.

The countries are also obliged to deport North Korean nationals with suspected links to their country's nuclear and missile development.

To make the sanctions effective, it is essential that China--North Korea's biggest trade partner and main benefactor--implement the resolution fully.

China was initially reluctant to agree to sanctions such as one requiring inspections of North Korean cargo. However, Beijing gave a green light to such measures after finding it difficult to continue to stand up for a defiant Pyongyang. We hope the new measures will prove effective by being implemented thoroughly.

Meanwhile, North Korea reacted sharply against the new sanctions, vowing to take "powerful second and third countermeasures."

The U.N. resolution warns of even harsher action against North Korea if the country continues with nuclear tests and missile launches. In such an event, China may need to consider suspending its provision of energy to North Korea while South Korea might be well advised to consider closing down the Kaesong industrial complex, which it operates in cooperation with the North.


Pyongyang remains defiant

Meanwhile, North Korea has caused further concern by escalating its bellicose rhetoric.

The supreme command of the Korean People's Army threatened the United States, saying Pyongyang is ready to counter with advanced nuclear arms so that Washington will be "engulfed in a sea of fire." The North Korean Foreign Ministry also said Pyongyang will exercise its right to "a preemptive nuclear attack" on the United States.

North Korea reportedly plans to hold a military parade in July to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the armistice in the Korean War. The parade is apparently aimed at enhancing the authority of Kim Jong Un, the first secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea, amid increased tensions with the United States.

Concerns over the regime of Kim Jong Un cannot be dismissed, as it has put priority on military-first politics and nuclear weapons, instead of rebuilding the country's economy, and deepened its isolation from the international community. Other countries must not lower their guard against Pyongyang's military and other provocative acts.

Japan needs to keep its eye on North Korea's moves and increase cooperation with the United States and South Korea to prepare for every possible contingency.

(From The Yomiuri Shimbun, March 9, 2013)
(2013年3月9日01時55分  読売新聞)


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