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2013年3月 2日 (土)

教育再生提言 いじめの抑止につなげたい

The Yomiuri Shimbun (Mar. 2, 2013)
Proposals by Abe's education panel must be 1st step to deter bullying
教育再生提言 いじめの抑止につなげたい(3月1日付・読売社説)

The Education Rebuilding Implementation Council, working directly under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, has compiled its first set of proposals. It calls for legislation of antibullying measures and strict enforcement of the prohibition on corporal punishment.

 We hope the government, based on the proposals, will work hard to realize effective measures, cooperating closely with local governments and schools to make necessary arrangements there.

What we would like to especially focus on is the panel's proposal to establish a third-party organization to uncover and investigate bullying cases.

In the case of a middle school student in Otsu who committed suicide in the autumn of 2011, the school noticed signs of bullying, but did not give appropriate instruction to the students involved. Even after the suicide, the city's board of education merely went through the motions of investigating its cause.


3rd-party organ may be effective

Because schools and boards of education have failed to deal appropriately with bullying cases, it would surely be effective to establish a third-party organization at each local government, comprising lawyers and state-certified clinical psychotherapists, to accept complaints from children and their parents. We expect such panels would seek solutions from the viewpoints of outsiders.

We also think the government panel was right to call for measures to detect sudden changes in children's attitudes and behaviors by, for instance, appointing counselors at schools.

The proposals emphasize active utilization of a system to suspend students who bully others, and stressed the necessity of cooperating with police.

In handling bullying cases, the first necessary step is persistent instruction by teachers to students who have bullied others. However, if the bullying continues after all possible efforts, schools and teachers must take resolute measures to protect the bullied students.

Especially when schools become aware of criminal acts committed by students--such as assault or extortion--they should not hesitate to report them to police. It is important for schools and police to build relationships of mutual trust on a routine basis.

Another of the proposals is to upgrade moral education to an independent subject. Making moral lessons a school subject was proposed in 2007 by the Education Rebuilding Council that was established by Abe during his first Cabinet. The proposal was not realized for reasons including the idea that morality is not a subject amenable to being rated with ordinary school grades.


Importance of moral education

As moral education is not a regular school subject, it has no authorized textbooks. Many teachers actually teaching moral education say they have not been able to find effective ways to instruct students in class.

By making it into a regular school subject, the government must improve moral education through the development of teaching materials and the accumulation of studies on teaching methods. Nurturing students' natural human inclination to be considerate of other people's feelings through moral education will help prevent bullying.

Meanwhile, the proposals demand that the central government compile instruction guidelines for club activities at schools as part of measures to eradicate physical punishments.

Quite a few teachers and sports coaches have misunderstood violence against children as part of strict instruction. Stating concrete definitions of corporal punishment and giving examples of such actions should be part of the government's necessary efforts to establish at places of education an awareness that violent acts should not be allowed for any reason.

(From The Yomiuri Shimbun, March 1, 2013)
(2013年3月1日01時32分  読売新聞)


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