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2014年9月 7日 (日)

広報外交戦略 正しい日本の姿を発信したい

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Efforts are necessary to spread accurate understanding of Japan
広報外交戦略 正しい日本の姿を発信したい

If it wants to strengthen its presence in the international community and adequately inform a wider audience abroad about itself, Japan should strategically strengthen its public relations overseas and promote cultural exchanges with other nations.

In its budgetary request for fiscal 2015, the Foreign Ministry has requested about ¥50 billion for a new key budgetary item called “strategic proliferation of information abroad.”

With this funding, the ministry plans to boost measures to spread information about Japan’s sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands in Okinawa Prefecture and Japan’s postwar history as a pacifist nation, among other topics, in order to project an accurate portrayal of this country. Its projects also include analyses of international public opinion pertinent to Japan, improvement of the nation’s capability to inform people overseas and support for Japan studies conducted overseas.

These measures are designed to counter one-sided, anti-Japan propaganda campaigns waged by China and South Korea.

China, while making an unjust claim of sovereignty over the Senkakus, is aggressively spreading the idea overseas that Japan “is shifting to the right.”

China has also established Confucius Institutes at more than 1,000 overseas locations, to promote Chinese culture and support Chinese language learning abroad. With massive funding from the government, they are dispatching teachers to local universities and providing teaching materials.

The undertaking is a part of the country’s “soft power strategy,” to improve its image abroad and win international support.

In some countries, including the United States, Confucius Institutes are criticized for violating academic freedom, as their selection of teachers and curriculums often reflect the intentions of the Chinese government.

Conducting a campaign of truth

In cooperation with the private sector, the Japanese government should thoroughly study ways to deploy public diplomacy with a longer term perspective, and to win over international public opinion to Japan’s position.

China and South Korea have agreed to start a joint study on the issue of so-called comfort women. It is feared that the two nations will intensify their pressure on Japan over issues related to history next year, in which the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II falls.

Japan must make adequately counterarguments against the two nations based on historical facts, and foster acceptance of Japan’s position in the international community. It would also be effective for Japanese ambassadors to cultivate greater knowledge of the country’s position through local media.

To increase the number of Japan experts and Japanophiles abroad, it is essential to increase the number of overseas hubs for Japanese-language education and provide more opportunities for local people to mingle with current experts on the nation.

The ministry will also concentrate on promoting Japan’s charms abroad.

In its budgetary request, the ministry included ¥5.2 billion for establishing “Japan House” public relations hubs in London, Los Angeles and four other major cities. Japan House will allow visitors to experience Japanese cuisine, manga and anime — which are popular abroad — and will introduce Japanese products.

Using official development assistance (ODA), the ministry plans to support the export of Japanese TV dramas and other cultural assets to developing countries.

The ministry should also cooperate with the Cool Japan Fund, established by the government and the private sector to promote Japanese products and culture, and cooperate with as many Japanese entities as possible to attain its goals.

(From The Yomiuri Shimbun, Sept. 6, 2014)Speech


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« 社説:刺された盲導犬 人の心も傷ついた | トップページ | クロマグロ保護 「漁獲半減」を着実に実行せよ »