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2015年12月 9日 (水)

米国のテロ対策 「イスラム国」の扇動を許すな

The Yomiuri Shimbun
U.S. and intl community must not allow ISIL’s stoking of terrorism
米国のテロ対策 「イスラム国」の扇動を許すな

How can terrorism committed by individuals or a small group of people who have been radicalized through the Internet or other means be prevented? This is a tough challenge that should be tackled jointly by the international community.

In an urgently televised address from the White House on Sunday, U.S. President Barack Obama warned that the “terrorist threat has evolved into a new phase.” His speech followed the shooting spree that occurred in western United States on Wednesday, killing 14 people. In the speech, Obama put forth a policy of strengthening measures against terrorism.

The Muslim couple who perpetrated the deadly shooting had visited Internet sites related to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militant group. The wife reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIL in an online post. Pipe bombs and thousands of rounds of ammunition were discovered at their home.

There was no ISIL directive to carry out the shooting, but the perpetrators are believed to have committed the crime after being influenced by a terrorism-stoking ideology that regards the United States and Europe as enemies.

It is a matter of concern that “lone wolf” terrorism by “home-grown terrorists,” such as the most recent case, has been on the rise globally.

The attack on a weekly political magazine publisher that took place in Paris in January and deadly attacks in the same city in November were both characterized by analysts as acts of “home-grown terrorists.”

Since the 2001 simultaneous attacks by the Al-Qaida international terrorist organization, the United States has constantly monitored the moves of extremists to prevent a recurrence of similar incidents.

Find clues to potential terror

Finding clues for potential attacks by terrorists of the lone-wolf type is not easy because they exchange information with other people or organizations less frequently. It is reasonable that Obama pointed out the need for establishing a system under which data on communications can be obtained through the cooperation of the Internet industry.

It is imperative to uncover potential terrorists hiding in society, and preempt their attacks.

It may be unavoidable that the United States has decided to adopt stricter visa screening of visitors.

More than half of the governors of the 50 U.S. states oppose allowing Syrian refugees to settle in their states, and the House of Representatives has approved a bill calling for barring entry into the U.S. of such refugees. The United States is urged to carry on the tradition of turning the potential ability of immigrants and refugees into national power while simultaneously seeking to deter terrorism.

Moderate Islamic leaders of the world, for their part, need to clearly condemn the radicals’ propaganda that they are waging a “holy war against the United States and Europe.”

Halting the procurement of weapons by terrorists is also an urgent task. In the United States, a loophole in the law in this regard is that identification does not have to be confirmed in online transactions of firearms. It is problematic that highly lethal weapons can be purchased by individuals. Obama’s call to bolster gun control is understandable.

Defeating ISIL is difficult as long as its stoking of terrorism is left unchecked. Terrorism is a matter of concern not only for the United States and Europe but also for Japan and other Asian countries as well. Cooperation must be beefed up in responding to ISIL’s propaganda campaign and sharing information.

(From The Yomiuri Shimbun, Dec. 8, 2015)


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