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2016年8月 9日 (火)

Letter from OFA U.S.A

Kiyoshi --

Thanks to OFA supporters pushing for lasting change on the local and national level, we've been able to make big strides in tackling some of our country's most important issues. But our work is far from over -- and your feedback matters in determining what's ahead.

For the past few months, OFA volunteers around the country have been giving their perspectives on the direction of this movement as part of OFA's What's Next tour. What's Next is the opportunity for this movement's biggest supporters to give feedback on where we've been, and input on where we're going. And now it's your turn.

Today, we're launching the What's Next survey, a short questionnaire that will help us gather information on what people like you -- who have played a critical role in this movement -- want to do going forward. Take a few minutes and share your thoughts on where we've been and where we're going.

Once you've completed the survey, as a small thank you, you'll receive a discount code to receive 40 percent off any OFA Store products.

Make sure your voice is heard -- fill out the What's Next survey now. It will only take a few minutes.

I can't stress enough how important your voice is in determining the direction of this movement. Whether you've been a part of this since the beginning or just taken action recently, your input will help inform planning for the future.

This is, and always has been, about all of us, working to make change -- and believing, in the face of cynicism, that we can do it if we speak up together. We still have a lot of important work to do together. Can we count on you?

Don't pass up this chance to make your voice heard and help shape the path forward. Get started on the What's Next survey now:




Katie Hogan
Executive Director
Organizing for Action


« Letter from Hillary Clinton | トップページ | 尖閣領海侵入 中国は示威活動を自制せよ »




« Letter from Hillary Clinton | トップページ | 尖閣領海侵入 中国は示威活動を自制せよ »